Horse for the Course

The English horse racing world coined the term “horse for the course” - a reference to horses that run better on wet or dry courses. According to the British, certain horses fare better on wet and muddy courses while others excel on dry faster courses. "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" by Robert Hendrickson (New York, 1997, Page 339). I first heard this term while meeting with some Christian businessmen a few months ago. It is an important metaphor for Every Generation Ministries (EGM).

One of the founding values of Every Generation Ministries is a commitment to national ministries. EGM has always believed that national Christian leaders are best suited to fulfill our mission to transform children in Christ through His church. National Christian leaders are best suited to developing a growing number of Model Children’s Workers and Model Children’s Ministries within their culture. For many years this meant ministry teams were staffed and governed by national Christian leaders. In recent years we have added a third element; namely nationally funded.

With this new element in our ministry vision, we have established a new course. This course requires a specific kind of horse. Specifically, EGM national ministries need leaders who possess the following distinct qualities:

  • A commitment to personal godliness, knowing that effective ministry leadership flows out of godly character.
  • Evident love of children and the local church, both bedrock values with EGM.
  • A Christian entrepreneurial, pioneering, creative, self-starter Spirit with a desire to build a nationally funded ministry.

It is this last quality that has changed the course for Every Generation Ministries.

Moving forward, it is crucial for our current national leadership to adjust to this new ministry course. It is also crucial that as new leadership is added, we work diligently to find the "right horse for the course." Many of EGM's national ministries are searching for new or founding leaders. Please join me in praying that God will bring the right horse for His ministry course.

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