Summer is Here!

This summer in Eastern Europe thousands of non-Christian children will attend summer camps and Vacation Bible School programs.  We need your help to make that possible!

My son, Caleb, is graduating from High School tomorrow and like all parents we have been reminiscing about his life. His first summer camp experience was the summer of 1993 in Poland; he was a just a few months old. Over 150 children from cities in northern Poland attended including a group of boys and girls from an orphanage in Koszalin. About two days into the camp, those children discovered that Marla and I had adopted a child; that news led to a heart wrenching experience.

Children began to appear at the door of our room in the main camp building. As they stepped inside and exchanged a few awkward pleasantries they would bluntly ask if we would be willing to consider adopting them into our family. They wanted to become part of a family where they could experience unconditional love and have a place where they belonged. On one occasion, when I opened the door, there were 3-4 precious little children lined up waiting their turn to pose ″the adoption question.″ 

This summer, there are thousands of children who need to experience the unconditional love and forgiveness that God has for them and know that they belong in God’s family. Unlike that camp, Jesus is standing at the door of their hearts knocking to come in and transform their lives.

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