Good Stewardship

Why Give to EGM?

I'll give you two reasons!

My wife, Marcia, and I give to the ministry of EGM because, first of all, we love the Lord. Secondly, we give because we know that He has directed us to reach the world with His message of salvation.

We both understand that when Jesus brought the children center stage during His teaching that He was making a radical paradigm shift in the focus of ministry. He understood the fallen condition of mankind and revealed that the way to win the world was to reach the children. His desire was for everyone to know Him and He knew that would be best accomplished with a focus on the children. We have determined that Every Generation Ministries is the most efficient ministry we know for bringing the children to Jesus according to His plan--equipping national leaders to train others and to provide materials within their country to reach their own children.

Over the past 10 years we have observed that EGM is permeated with people who have a heart of service. They are ministering to the children, their families and the children’s workers that so passionately desire to share God’s truth with those in their own country—praying with them, providing materials and conducting effective training programs. They continue to seek the Lord to move forward in His timing, using His methods to accomplish His work. It is a joy to work together reaching the children. 

Jim Fisher