The end of the Gospel of John makes it clear that the writers of the gospel could not include everything about Jesus. God inspired them to select stories and teaching that communicated the message He intended. All the more striking then are the numerous vignettes of Jesus loving children and making them a ministry priority. We know that Jesus wants to see boys and girls experience the transformed life He has for them. We are highly motivated by Jesus’ love for children!
The church is God’s tool for reaching this world. In the church, children can experience belonging, unconditional love and real family. We know that churches have problems (just read the New Testament) but they are filled with children’s workers yearning to help boys and girls know Christ and experience His new life for them. We believe that God wants to transform churches to share the love of Christ with the children in their communities.
Our EGM team is packed with Christian leaders who love children. Our leaders are people who have served in local church children’s ministry for many years. They are creative, energetic leaders with cross-cultural ministry experience and are all committed to helping churches around the world develop a fruitful and innovative ministry to boys and girls in their communities.