EGM'S Ministry

The ministry in Argentina is showing very positive signs.  An Advisory Council of committed and influential Christian leaders has been formed and they are meeting monthly now to discuss the progress of the ministry launch.  They have already created a beginning strategic plan and budget and have plans to introduce the ministry to a wide variety of churches and associations across the country.  They have planned a training conference September 22 where the principles of the “Model Children’s Worker” will be presented and have created a blog for the ministry at .  Analia Capurro has applied and been approved by the Advisory Council to work part time alongside John Chapman to coordinate things on the ground.  Analia has no desire to do fund development work or to develop the board so will not be considered as a candidate for the key leader position but can be very useful in helping the ministry to move forward while a key leader candidate is identified.












Ministry Development

Over the last 4 years, EGM has developed deep rich contacts all across Argentina. Churches have grasped the value of evangelizing children, but now they realize something is missing. In a recent meeting, someone asked what it is that makes EGM different. A Christian leader from Argentina boldly professed, "At EGM, they not only evangelize, but also lead the children to respond to the Word of God in their real life making the Bible come alive." That was all that needed to be said and the room was moved to take the next step forward in establishing a new work.
Many Christian leaders in Argentina have a calling to reach children. They are looking to EGM to continue the evangelism to take these children into a growing and real relationship with Jesus Christ. EGM is honored to work with these amazing Christian leaders to start a new work.


A word from a ministry leader

We’re thankful to have the opportunity to support churches who have the vision to reach their children using the transformational model of children’s ministry.  It’s exciting to see God raise up a team of leaders for this new ministry!” 

John Chapman, South America Regional Director

What EGM is doing in Argentina is remarkable!

We are not only telling struggling people that we love them and want to help them minister better to the children in their church, we are giving them a way to do that ministry so that every person who hears it knows it is right.

The last few times I explained EGM’s ministry approach, it hit me again as if for the first time. The current method used to teach children is not Biblical. Many are teaching children in the church the way children are taught in school. We use all of our research and education on how children learn and what the best way is to teach them and we take it from the classroom and apply it to the Sunday school setting.

Every country is different and has evolved differently. Although every church culture is unique in each country,

in every church these things remain the same:


  • There are children's workers (Sunday school teachers),

  • they have a group of children that they love passionately,

  • they are doing their best to communicate this amazing love for Christ that they have in their own life,

  • and they are teaching the way they were taught.


That is the tragedy!

We are teaching children in a school model, not in a way to transform the lives of the children. Why not look to the Bible to see if there is a better way to teach children? Surprise, there is!

We recently presented a Biblical way to teach children to fifteen attendees. They want to learn more and volunteered to make the ministry in Argentina a reality. With special guests from the U.S. (long time ministry partners Jim Edwards and Rick Fortier), we talked through a plan with a group of amazing and passionate leaders to start a ministry in the next 12 months; a ministry that would transform the children of Argentina with the amazing love of Christ through His church. We are excited to see just how God will confirm this amazing call that we have to support the churches in Argentina with their ministry to children.

Towards the end of the meeting, we had yet another surprise from God. The president of the Allianse of Evangelical Churches in Argentina stopped buy and closed the meeting with a few words. He, representing almost 90% of churches in Argentina, spoke of the passion and calling to equip the next generation. He committed to putting the full force of their Alliance behind the start of EGM in Argentina. We are blessed to have the clear and outspoken support from the churches in Argentina and are looking forward to helping them in their ministry to children.



Large cities like Buenos Aires have thousands of street children all needing to experience the love of Jesus Christ. Argentinean churches are looking for means to reach these children.

In response to requests from church leaders, EGM has laid the groundwork for building a new Latin America ministry in this strategic country. EGM teams have already worked with children’s workers in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Cordoba. In the coming months an Advisory Council will be formed and the first steps taken to launching an EGM-Argentina ministry.


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Prayer Requests

Pray for the funding needed to support a new ministry in Argentina.

Pray for wisdom for the leaders God is selecting to serve on an Advisory Council. This group will give guidance as the work begins.

Pray for John Chapman as he leads the charge in starting this new ministry.