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God at Work

Everything can be changed.  In April, we held a “Model of a good teacher” seminar in the “East Gates” church of Dnepropetrovsk.  Brothers and sisters from five churches came to hear something new which might help them in their teaching work.  One sister used to lead Bible lessons but she was disappointed and left Sunday school. A person responsible for the children’s ministry in their church asked her to come to the seminar and she agreed. In one week, their Sunday school director told about her: “After visiting the seminar, Valya’s attitude towards teaching has changed. She was inspired and agreed to do the next Bible lesson and then she finally came back to teach the kids.”  Here is Valya’s opinion:  “I’m really thankful to the ‘Ministry to generations’ mission! I learned much new and interesting from the seminar. I really liked the idea of “senses participation” in the beginning of the lesson, also I learned the right way of doing “discussion,” composing questions, and teaching the Bible truths using creativity. I even already did one lesson using that methodology. Everything is great!”  We are glad that children’s workers are getting inspiration and new strengths for their ministry through the seminars of the Mission. 

By Michael Lozovoi


Publishing Work

Providing biblical children’s ministry curriculum is a priority for the ministry. Publication of a book of 10 lessons that were created as part of EGM’s International Curriculum Initiative is well underway and will soon be completed. Other Russian and Ukrainian language camping and summer program resources have also been published to rave reviews.


God has used the work of EGM in Ukraine to bring many denominational leaders together to a unified effort among the children. Unprecedented cooperation is taking place and God is blessing these new relationships.

Fund Development Relationships

Fund development work is in some ways counter-cultural in Ukraine, but slowly God’s people are developing a heart to give to this new work. God has worked in the hearts of Christian businesses, church leaders and individuals to mobilize them in support of the ministry.


A word from a ministry leader

“We thank God for the transformational model of children’s ministry which is now becoming known by the children’s workers in our country.  More teachers are learning and churches are using the approach which will result in more children knowing God’s truth.”

Michael Lozovoi - Director Ukraine

Ukraine is the widely recognized key to reaching the countries of the former Soviet Union, including mighty Russia. Ukrainian churches have experienced tremendous growth since the fall of communism.


However, stale children’s ministry approach threatens a loss of the next generation of children. Church leaders have launched an EGM ministry to transform church ministry to children, replacing the “school subject” approach to ministry with a biblical transformational ministry to Ukrainian boys and girls. Our Ukraine ministry is serving churches in the gateway to the Russian speaking world. The future leaders and pastors of churches across the former Soviet Union are now boys and girls experiencing the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.


Prayer Partner Requests


· Praise God for the possibility to visit a training conference for the camps in Dnepropetrovsk region preparation, which was from May 31 until June 2 in Krivoy Rog. There were 14 team representatives from different churches of the region.

· Praise God for the participation in a big camp conference in Chervonograd. More than 700 children’s workers and 20 teachers from all over Ukraine came and created the atmosphere of unity and readiness to bring the Gospel to the kids this summer.

· Brother Rostislav joined our team of regional representatives. He will be developing the ministry of the mission in the central region (Khmelnitskiy, Vinnitsky, Cherkassky and Kirovogradsky regions). We are praying for God’s blessings for his life, work and family.

· Pray about the choice of a team of developers and for the Bible lessons for the kids that we want to publish according to the model of the mission.




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