Prayer Partner Requests · Praise God for a fruitful Conference in Gusental, Austria. More teachers and churches attended with a strong impact in the teachers' lives. · We praise God for a fruitful board meeting. The board was mobilized by the recent Titus Project training program. We finished up the meeting with an articulated fundraising strategy and specific projects to fund the ministry activity.
Today, a small staff supports a large volunteer team that is working with children’s workers across the country to help them become Model Children’s Workers who teach the Truth, use Experiential ... 
Poland stands as the flagship EGM ministry. Launched in 1991, the Polish ministry was the laboratory of EGM ministry development. Our children’s worker development/training programs were created in Poland and the first EGM teaching materials for children were Polish!
Ukraine is the widely recognized key to reaching the countries of the former Soviet Union, including mighty Russia. Ukrainian churches have experienced tremendous growth since the fall of communism.  
What EGM is doing in Argentina is remarkable! We are not only telling struggling people that we love them and want to help them minister better to the children in their church, we are giving them a way to do that ministry so that every person who hears it knows it is right.